Choose Democracy Affirmation – Benicia Mayor-elect Steve Young

October 29, 2020

Peaceful elections

There is increasing tension in our country as we approach Election Day.

I do expect the elections in Benicia to be peaceful and, given the excellent work done by the County Registrar of Voters, we will likely know the results in our local elections on Tuesday night. I have no doubt that the people of Benicia will accept the results, and that our transition to a new Mayor and City Council will be easy.

For the national election I do not have the same confidence, unfortunately.

Not only has President Trump not committed to accepting the results of the election or committed to a peaceful transfer of power, there are active efforts in multiple states to suppress voting, and possibly curtail the counting of votes.

It is important that everyone commit to the following principles:

1. Every vote must be counted, regardless of how long it takes, given the large increase in absentee ballots due to the Covid pandemic.
2. The losing candidate must concede and Congress, the Electoral College and federal and state officials must honor the results of the final, accurate count.