Choose Democracy Affirmation – Benicia Interim City Manager Erik Upson

November 2, 2020

Hello Everyone,

In the lead-up to tomorrow’s General Election, I’m hearing a great deal of concern from the community about voting, possible disruptions at voting locations, the possible transfer of power at the federal level, and civil unrest. I want everyone in the community to know that we have been following the situation closely, preparing for various scenarios and will have extra staff on hand on Election Day and beyond to insure we keep the peace in Benicia. We will be paying special attention to polling places and ballot drop-off locations to insure every Benicia vote is counted and everyone who wants to vote can do so in peace and safety.

While we only have so much control over the national narrative, we are fully committed to democracy and the Constitution, which all City employees are sworn to uphold. The Benicia Police Department is dedicated to these ideals and will vigorously defend the Constitutional rights of those in our community, as well as their safety.

I encourage everyone to have patience and have care for your neighbors and fellow community members, even if you strongly disagree with them philosophically. They will be your neighbors and fellow community members long after this election.

Know that we will be here for you if you need us. If you see any suspicious or illegal activity, please report it immediately to the police department.