ChooseDemocracyBenicia is a temporary gathering of five Benicia residents, formed on October 26, 2020, following comments by the current president that he may not give up power in a peaceful transition if he loses the election.

Earlier in October, three of us independently attended a national webinar training session organized by ChooseDemocracy.us, and were convinced of the importance of local communities everywhere being vigilant and taking steps to prepare for the possibility of a coup.  The training was based on Daniel Hunter’s “10 things you need to know to stop a coup” and led by George Lakey, long-time leader in action and education for non-violent social change.

Our small Benicia group has two goals:  to make sure every vote is counted, and, in this post-election period, to keep our community alert to developments that may affect the peaceful transfer of Presidential office.  To meet those goals, we stay in contact with ChooseDemocracy nationally, which is a “short term platform, not an organization that lasts beyond this moment.”

Choose Democracy Benicia is coordinated by the five of us, so that others can keep focused on their own important efforts during these uncertain times:

• Mary Susan Gast
• Karen Schlumpp
• Roger Straw
• Maggie Kolk
• Kat Black